Monday, December 3, 2007

This is wrong

Misty Horner's Husband Won't Face Charges
Woman's Family Blames Husband's Religion For Death

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After several months of investigation, Jackson County prosecutors announced Monday that they will not file charges in the deaths of a Lee's Summit policeman's wife who refused medical treatment and her stillborn baby.

Let me ask YOU a question. If your wife or child had an accident and was dying before your eyes, could you sit back and do NOTHING but watch them die? Just shrug it off as "God's will"? When a single 911 call and a simple procedure could have saved their lives?

Could you do that to someone you claimed to love?

If your child or spouse were hit by a car and were lying bleeding and unconscious in the middle of the street, would you let them die and tell authorities that "They didn't ask for any help."?

If you were in an accident, would you want Caleb Horner to be the First Responder? Would you want Caleb waiting for you to regain consciousness and become lucid enough to ask for help before he called for an ambulance?

If Caleb Horner was shot in the line of duty, do you think he would break with his brother's teachings and call for help? Or would he just lay there bleeding and praying?

James F. Kanatzar is the Jackson County Prosecutor who decided to give Caleb Horner a free pass and NOT charge him with negligent homicide. His phone number is 816-881-3555. Call him and let him know that YOU KNOW that he is just covering a cop's ass. DEMAND that he charge Caleb Horner with negligent homicide and charge his brother, John Horner, as an accessory to the crime.

Negligent Homicide
"Negligent homicide is a charge brought against persons, who by inaction, allow others under their care to die."

This is a link to the online form to file a complaint against a Lee's Summit Police Officer. If you think that Caleb Horner is unfit to be a police officer because he idley sat by and watched his daughter and wife die when he could have saved their lives by simply picking up the phone and placing a call, then PLEASE send a message!

I will have much, MUCH more on this case in the weeks to come.

Misty deserves justice.

Caleb (and John) deserve to be on the receiving end of that justice.

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